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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Main Street

The nice thing about Randsburg in the middle of the week is you don't have people getting in the way of your picture taking.

This building had a little bit of a lot going on. I particularly liked the unpainted CAFE sign.
Notice the bird house too. That is a piece from metal Budweiser can on the side, a miniature metal Coca Cola bottle bottom front and a faded daguerreotype photo above the entry. The big sign below is for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Dried spinal column bones hang by the door and antique wrenches grace the window frame. The sign to the far left reads:
No Shoulder 
Blind Curves 
Steep Upgrade 
Big Semi's 
Good Luck

Out houses were a popular visual commodity. Only that this one got TV reception. The sign in front states: We Got Our Bail Out. Notice the bar-b-que. Nothing goes to waste.

He got tired of being told to put the seat down.


  1. were you waiting it out for the cafe to open? Some mighty interesting photographic material happening.

  2. Seriously..this was main street?! Can't say much for the town, but yes, it does provide plenty of photo opportunities.

  3. wow, I love the flavor of Randsburg. so much character and you captured it so well. the outhouses made me laugh out loud - I love the signs. the whole place looks like a dry, dusty spot. when I see places like that I love the scenery and feel, but it makes me appreciate that I live alongside a Great Lake. where water is plentiful. the final shot in previous post is my fave. as you write - the rusty facace and the windows full of old bottles. and even the fence. that's a fabulous photo. now where is one of Sinbad filthy dirty? happy day to you both.

  4. Wonderful to see John... nothing like it over here.

  5. Interesting photos, there is so much to see on it. I like your textes very much, make me laugh.

  6. I like the name of that little old town.

  7. Randsburg looks a fascinating place. I reckon they've got a better handle on life than those of us who live in fancy towns and work our butts of for half a lifetime to buy a house. Mind you, I wouldn't want to pit a Randsburg dwelling against Scottish weather.

  8. Love the outhouse collections, especially the one with a TV antenna!

  9. This Main Street looks like parts of Belize and costa Rica. It may not look so good, but the native food was cheap and good...beans and rice...and more beans and rice.Oh, and Coke. Love the outhouses...lots of odorific personality there. great captures.genie

  10. so much character, love the photos! And love Sinbad in the post above - what a sweetheart :) Makes me smile!


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