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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Couple of Critters

In velvet.

Next up are snakes so for those of you who do not like snakes and was put off recently by the rattlesnake, time to move on to the next blog on your list.

A gopher snake crossing the trail. He sat there the entire time allowing me to take pictures. When I was done I prodded him along so as to not get run over by a bicyclist. As it was, I didn't see a single person on the entire hike. A fine day it was.

As Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter would say,  "Ain't he a beauty?"

And there was this little guy. I say little for he was barely 6 inches long. It wasn't till he swam off did I notice he had something in his mouth. He may have just caught it at this spot where he swam up to as I clicked his picture. This was taken with my 300mm about 8 feet away.

I blew up the image and it appears to be a tadpole which is about a third his size. That is going to be a big meal for this little fellow.


  1. …yes Steve Irwin the (late) Crocodile Hunter; what an impression he made. Oh yes, good catch (photographically), of the snake and tadpole too. Isn't it fun to zoom in and find special moments like this?!

  2. While not particularly a fan of snakes, I am a fan of your photography, and will gladly enjoy the snakes through YOUR lens! Nice catch of the little guy...he is pretty small. Do you know what kind of snake he was?

  3. I don't need a warning about photos of snakes, but something similar for the real thing would be appreciated. Luckily in the UK we don't have to worry about such things; the only man-eating carnivore we have are the midges in Scotland! Love the photos.

  4. You're getting some brilliant wildlife moments on your wanders. I hope you know which snakes you're prodding or perhaps you've been watching to much Steve Irwin.

    I'll second John comment on midges - airborn piranas!

  5. Skipping the snakes! I love the deer shots.

  6. very cool! the gopher snake sure is pretty.

  7. Look at the velvet on that beauty!

    My grandparents took me to The Royal Gorge when I was a kid & on the way everyone was stopped on the side of the road... they were patting a deer! So we stopped & I got to pat him, too... he had velvet on his antlers! It was sooo cool! That was about 28 yrs ago! WoW! How time flies!!! =0

  8. Fantastic images John... your really have some wonderful wildlife in your countryside.
    I loved watching Steve Irwin he is sadly missed.

  9. John, i am disappointed that you didnt wrestle that Gopher snake down in true Irwin style. I think on behalf of the blogging community we would have docked our caps to you... Apart from that it would have been extremely funny.

    Shaun Valleys ShutterBug

  10. We have a lizard up by the orchard that looks like a cousin of yours. However, he has a distinguishing difference. Something bit off the end of his tail so we call him Stumpy.

  11. Now, I have nothing against snakes in general. In fact I rather like most of them. I go an adrenalin rush last night though when I heard a rattle sounding in the grass a few feet from me. Those snakes I could do without!

  12. Amazing capture of the snake with his dinner!


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