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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Few Flowers Found

Not something you would think to find in the desert. It looks like the flowers on my wife's orchids.

I was able to find a Prickly Pear in bloom.

This barrel cactus is of the same species as one I have at home and about the same size. This is about as big as the blossoms get and are always in a circular ring on top. I once saw a barrel cactus this size for sale in a nursery for over $200. Main reason is that it takes a lot of years to become this big. I've had mine for around 30 years, give or take.

The Hedgehog cactus has brilliant strawberry or violet colored blossoms but I didn't find any in bloom.
Mine at home is about ready to open up.

 A few wildflowers for your viewing pleasure.


  1. I am always amazed at the color you find in the desert...but you have to be SO careful! Lovely flowers you have presented today!

  2. i like the prickly pear blooms that are more golden/orangish. ours here are straight yellow. ah well.

  3. Wonderful shots John... I would love to see cacti growing in the wild some day.

  4. great to see what's growing out in the wilds John; thanks for sharing your wonderful photos

  5. Flower Power!

  6. Never would I have thought there would be such beautiful plants on deserts. It is amazing. The idea that one would cost 200.00 is mind boggling. Your first shot really does look like a small orchid. Your captures are beautiful. genie

  7. The flowers are so beautiful !

  8. Cacti sometimes have the most beautiful flowers. Glad you caught these for us.


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