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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Friday was a day of absolute chaos here at home. We had a new roof put on the house and the pandemonium drove us away for most of the day. (The good part was they did the entire roof in one day.) Saturday was just a matter of getting our life back in order, so no post yesterday.  That night was a Cinco de Mayo party. It is now near midnight as I put together this post for Sunday.

This is one of two grapefruit stands in the little town of Borrego Springs. These grapefruits are huge. Only 6 will fit in a bag. The taste and juiciness is like no other. I was going to buy several bags to take home with me the day we left, but we arrived 2 hours to early as they didn't open the stand until 10 am. We had miles to go so dejectedly I drove on.  Talk about disappointment, there was almost tears. I'd just about be willing to drive the 500 miles for more of their grapefruit.
I wish I was there.


  1. Do me a favor john, Pick me up a couple of bags of oranges o your way through next time and send them over to the UK. LOL

    Nice photos.

    Valleys ShutterBug

  2. I know that frustration! I always wonder why everyone in the world doesn't get up as early as I do!

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  4. you made my mouth water this morning...

  5. How sad about the grapefruit! I don't think 500 miles is too far to go back for them. :))

  6. Wow! What a great place! I can understand the tears...or "almost" tears.

  7. That bunch would make alot of juice!

  8. It's a good excuse to hit the road again. ;-)

  9. It's great over here to see that in some places they can put an honesty box out and sell things from an unmanned stall. It's equally heartening to see it in the US. The worlds not such a bad place after all.
    An I rather like grapefruit too :)


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