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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Take a Picture of a Lizard

When you first see the lizard, snap off a shot right away.  Don't mess with settings, just let auto focus do its thing and then get something, anything, into the camera.

Now you can slowly move into a better position, take another quick picture, then fiddle with your camera making adjustments to your liking and take even more pictures.

If you are lucky you may have by now earned the lizard's trust and he sees you as not a threat.  Now you may slowly move again, get down to his level and take that really nice photo you had hoped for when you first saw him scurry into view.

At least that is what I try to do most of the time.

The area has several hot springs but this is the only one I have access to anymore without a four wheel drive vehicle.  This is right at the source as it comes up from the ground.  You can stick your hand in it but trust me, you'll say "yikes!" and immediately pull your hand out thinking well that was dumb.

A short distance away it is cooler and quite comfortable to sit in for a soak.  You'll come out with a sulphur smell to your body and a slick feeling to your skin.  The hot spring at the Black Rock I mentioned yesterday is about the size of a swimming pool.  The sides are steeply sloped as this small bath tub size spring is.  So you can imagine a horse or ox going in and not being able to climb out.  Yet even in recent times incidents have happened where a dog jumped in, yelped in pain, it's owner jumped in after to rescue her dog and they both perished.  The BLM has warning signs posted but things happen in spite of the warnings.
Tomorrow we will move on away from the Black Rock Desert.


  1. Nice closeup of the lizard's leg, John! Enjoyed your tutorial too! I have been to one mineral spring in Florida - I was not totally impressed with the expense and results - but my mother had always wanted to go, so we took her. That was enough for us!

  2. really like his yellow tipped toes and tail. :)

    and the sulphur pools are really interesting. i enjoyed your post yesterday on the trials of travels in those days...

  3. Nice tutorial, I'll try to remember this if I ever bump into a lizard!

    Have you actually sat in the hot springs? I think I'll leave my hot spring visits to relaxing at Two Bunch Palms resort in Desert Hot Springs... if they are still open! I reeeally enjoyed relaxing in the mud bathe! (sigh)

  4. Your method for catching lizards with your lens certainly works well for you! :)

  5. Nice capture of the lizard. I find they try to skitter away before I can photograph them properly.
    Beautiful hot springs, but they can certainly be treacherous.

  6. Nice captures. I like the last shot.

  7. Thats a real pretty Agma there john. Im pretty lucky that i can walk upto my reptile enclosure and snap away all day....

    I love the colouration on those pools aswell.

    Shaun Valleys ShutterBug

  8. Someone's mastered that new macro lens. And lizard speak for "I come in peace."

  9. Wow, you have the technique down for photographing lizards... incredible shot! (actually, I enjoyed the entire post).

  10. Love love the lizard. It seems you've mastered lizard photography. :)


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