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Saturday, May 26, 2012

On the Playa

The first afternoon on the playa of the Black Rock Desert, 400 square miles of this
for as far as you can see

and further.
Nothing much to take a picture of except more of this
or the tracks you left in the dried mud.
Let's toss a cat in the scene.
Cat on the playa, take two.
Sinbad, stay!
Okay, let's try a still life.
Bar-b-que in repose
What to do? Sit and watch the clouds float by. Can you see the Texas Longhorn?
Can you see all the dust on the lens?  Oh this place is bad for dust, fine minute particles of alkali dust that gets into everything. You hardly notice it but your camera sure does.  And in time so does your nose.  After a day everything you have has a fine layer of talcum powder like dust over it, including your dinner.


  1. Ok, I saw the longhorn, and I saw the miles and miles of endless desert...good grief! Hard to imagine that much dried mud anywhere! Loved your still life...and Sinbad, of course!

  2. And I thought traveling through New Mexico and Arizona was bad... why do you go here again???

    Its.......its beautiful, but how do you tolerate the heat? Even my old bones enjoy basking in the sun, but this is a little extreme!

  3. you did a great job with these photos. Love the B-B-Q.

  4. i really liked all of these shots! the ones looking straight at the ground are really cool. barbeque looks like a UFO sitting there. and, yes, i see the longhorn!

  5. YiKeS! So so so dry! I don't wanna eat dirt... no matter how minute the particles! LoL! =)

  6. Sinbad's shadow is awesome
    and the textures of the ground are fascinating
    I'd need some water and green after a bit

  7. I hope you don't mind, but I copied some of your 'Comment Verif' Comment Form Message paragraph... I like how you worded it!

  8. The playa this time of the year has to be fun. I especially like the last photo with the ground being so white in color. Lots of dust. Do you clean out your own motorhome yourself?

  9. oh now there's a snag (previous comment) if I've ever seen one. I'm staying away from that one.
    When I see miles and miles of dried mud (400 square???) I started wondering things like - wouldn't it be grand if we could somehow use that as an energy source? Too bad there isn't an engine that runs on dust - we'd have an endless supply. Imagine that.
    There's a desolate beauty to those flats. I'm happy you tossed a cat into the scene. My buddy. He is too adorable for his own good. His shadow is AWESOME. And in that last shot he walks with great purpose and intent, as if he's six feet tall.

  10. Sinbad is a good (and elegant) model! ;-)

  11. Sinbad looks quite at home there. The places a man and cat have to go to get a little peace!

  12. I LOVE IT!

    But I saw a whale instead of a longhorn first.

  13. Sheesh! That's remarkable, John. Miles and miles of dried nothing. Wow! Oh, BTW, love the fact that Sinbad can explore on his own. How do you keep him from running away?


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