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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Towhee Chicks

Two plus weeks ago I posted this picture of the California Towhee nest and eggs,

well they hatched about a week or so ago. Here they are now and you can see the fluff being replaced with the beginnings of feathers. The amazing thing is throughout the process of having a new roof put on the house a week ago, this never deterred the mother to abandon her chicks during all the noise and mayhem. Her nest is in a bush against the house under the eave of the roof.

I am done with pictures from our recent trip to the desert in search of wildflowers.  This is the last picture taken, my little buddy waiting for me to lead him back around the bush.


  1. Beautiful picture of the little birds in their nest and your cat looks so wise. Is he a mix with a Main Coon?

  2. Your nestlings photo is so clear! Love the detail! And Sinbad...well, he is just a beautiful (handsome) cat! I love his markings...

  3. good news that the Californian Towhee chicks are hatched and thriving midst all that changeover. I'd have been really worried; good parents. Sinbad is a lucky cat having those great escapes with you.

  4. Congratulations! It will be even more fun watching them grow!

    FYI.. we are in the process of having a new roof put on our house also, a metal one. I completely understand all the noise and mayhem!

  5. sweet kitty! :) sure hope sin doesn't bother the fledglings!

  6. Hi John...Great time of year to see the birds hatch the young ..thanks for sharing those!!
    Pretty kitty!!

  7. Spring is a wonderful season!
    I'm glad to know the little birds have a good mother. :)

  8. It's quite a thing to get a look in the nest to follow up the eggs.

    Sinbad looks a well fed cat - I hope he just waits for his dinner to arrive rather than finding it for himself.


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