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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bodie Interior Design pre IKEA

These homes look lived in up to the end (late 30's) judging by some of the decor.  Remember, these photos are taken through dirty windows.

The rattan style chair I found interesting as not something you'd picture in a desert mining town.

Same view looking up.  The ceiling light looks much like one we would see today in Home Depot for $9.95

Same room off to the left.  Hooks everywhere to hang you hat and coat.

Different home. This cloth which looks like a muslin fabric was commonplace in many of the houses.  It was on the outside of the buildings also where it was more like a light canvas covering.  I'll have photos of that later.

Here not much is left of the wallpaper.  The cloth may have been an necessary underlayment for wallpaper to adhere to as no doubt there's been advances in wall coverings since then.

Another room.

This home was easy to imagine someone living here right to the end,  maybe his own end, who knows?  He could have died in his sleep right there on that bed.  That is a Sylvania radio tube box on the dresser to the right.  In back on the night stand sets a lunch box and Thermos bottle.

The neighbor buried ol' Zeke and left his home just as it was.

Except he took the mattress in the guest room as it was better than his own. 
Zeke wouldn't mind.


  1. So a heritage order holds these places together for eternity? Is there a tourist dollar to be earned from keeping them or…?

  2. Love your commentary to accompany the photos! In the absence of "facts" you are free to make up your own story. I am sure yours is way more interesting!

  3. Interesting photos, you can imagine a lot of stories about the rooms. It could even be a crime scene.

  4. oh dear, what a mess! it's too bad these buildings got into such a state of disrepair. The old farmhouse I lived in for years had hooks like that on the walls - no closets! And all they wore were overalls so they only needed a hook to hang them on overnight. life was so simple then.
    I bet these places smell pretty funky, but I like that they've been left as-is. But maybe the roof should be fixed so the rain doesn't do any more damage.
    my dslr has been dusted off and used for awhile now. can't you tell? and you can say anything to me, I don't mind. happy day to you and orange fur ball.

  5. it's just sort of creepy! just walking out (or checking out) of life and leaving it all sitting there to rot. hmmm...

  6. Wow, this place has just been left here like this?! Such an interesting, if a bit yucky, find :)

  7. Amazing to see John.. but sad in a way.

  8. Wow, this is an amazing place. It looks like the people just walked out, leaving everything just as it was.


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