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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bodie Weather and a Upscale Home

Bodie has harsh weather, plain and simple.  Being at 8400 feet in elevation winds can come whipping through the valley approaching 100mph.  Nights, even in the summer can dip below freezing with an average of 303 days a year with lows of 32F (0C) degrees or lower.  The winter of 1878-1879 was particularly bad claiming the lives of many residents.  The average annual snowfall is 97 inches.  January 1969 recorded 97 inches alone and the heaviest snowfall for a year in recorded time was 1965 with 269 inches.
Now consider that as you think back to pictures of the homes you've seen so far.

This home seemed comfortable considering some we've already viewed. 
We've got plumbing!

Someone commented as to perhaps the park service went in and dusted things every once in awhile.  I think this photo will answer that.

This room provided more questions than answers.  That is a radio but I certainly would have thought radio reception not possible in such a remote place.  The bed with sides?  For a child?  That appears to be a tin bathtub.  This room is just to the right of the kitchen above.  Heat water on the stove to fill the tub and keep the kid confined to the bed nearby while you worked in the kitchen listening to the radio?  If that's the case, the baby lost his bottle on the floor.

Okay, this really irks me!  People throwing money onto the bed.  If you think this is bad, go to the Grand Canyon and view all the coins littering the rock pinnacles, an easy toss from the canyon edge.  (I'll not get started) I wanted to show the nice bed frame and sewing machine in the corner.

This was an interesting piece of furniture.  The top half looks as if for a desk to hold papers and books yet the bottom is more like for dishes and serving ware.  I suspect this was the formal dining area and it was for the better dinnerware and table cloths.

A guest room?

A fireplace and reclining sofa.  That looks like a velvet rope that would hang around a door frame to dress up the doorway.  A parlor?  The floor has been covered with linoleum three times and there is a fuse holder with a wire coming off of it on the window frame.  A nice room to entertain guests, but why a bed in the same room?  Maybe in their later years as friends moved away it was used as a bedroom for grandma.

Here's a selfie.  I wanted to show that even with the finer homes one had to stuff cloth in the windows to keep out the howling sub-zero winds of Bodie.



  1. Wow, those are great, John! And you can just walk in and photograph them? Is it part of a tour? I just think how bad it would be if vandals had their way. How awesome you got to soak it all in. Have a great week.

  2. your 'selfie' made me laugh! goober!

    i had no idea the weather was that damn COLD there - all the time! yikes! what a harsh place to live!

  3. knowing the wind and weather is that bad in Bodie, it's even more shocking that those old buildings are still standing... and 97 inches of snow is hard for me to imagine living in southeast Missouri... much less 269 inches! LoL! =)

    I didn't even think about the dusting... I wonder how it isn't much, much worse?

    Baby ought not be drinking from that kind of bottle... for shame, for shame! heheheee

    The bed frame is pretty neat, but how'd they get inside to put the money on the bed in the 1st place? I thought all the buildings were locked... ???

  4. A very interesting place. Always makes me wonder about the people that lived there. Where did they go to so fast to leave things like that.


  5. Fascinating, I bet the history of the residents is as equally engrossing.

  6. throwing notes onto the bed, it's a little akin to dropping a coin into a fountain???

  7. You have taken some wonderful photos, John! You have enough for an entire pictorial essay on Bodie all by yourself!


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