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Friday, June 15, 2012

Electricity Comes to Bodie

 In 1893, the Standard Company which owned and operated the mine built its own hydroelectric plant, about 12.5 miles away on Green Creek.  The plant developed 6,600 volts of alternating current to power the company's 20-stamp mill. This pioneering installation is marked as one of the country's first transmissions of electricity over a long distance.

A grand time to work for a power company long before government safety regulations were mandated.

The advent of electricity in Bodie meant no more excuses for skipping church on Sundays

for now they could hold evening worship also.
Praise the Lord
(and the Standard Company)


  1. the church remains in reasonable nic still ..

  2. More interesting stuff from Bodie! Thanks to you, I won't have to make that long trek out there! I am really enjoying the trip...I am currently traveling, so will catch up on everything when I get back home.

  3. ooh, that 2nd photo gave me shivers. i love electricity, but it scares me!

  4. Again I love your black and white photos the best. Are you using a special photo program on them? My neighbor went to Bodie last week, returned yesterday. Wonderful photos here. You took a bunch!

  5. Amazing to see John... I have really enjoyed visiting Bodie.

  6. How many photos did you make there in Bodie? Keep 'em coming!
    Of course it is a good thing that all electricity is underground here in Manhattan, but I wish I could make such a cool photo as the top one in black and white!

  7. Nice detail in the close up wood shots.


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