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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The End of Bodie Ghost Town

This will pretty much wind up our visit to Bodie.  I showed awhile back the interior wall coverings much of which was a fabric.  Here is the outside light canvas covering I mentioned at the time.  My thinking it was used as an insulation barrier between two layers of wood siding.  The first siding went on vertical board and bat style.  Then the canvas and then the final exterior boards were installed horizontally overlapping from the top on down.

Here someone has scavenged the outer layer of boards for his own home probably, leaving all the canvas exposed, flapping in the wind.  That is the mine works in the background.

There is a lot of mining equipment lying about. 

I look at it thinking about the huge quantities of iron needed to make the tools of the trade: boilers, ore carts, track, drilling machinery, stamps
(an added thought here, the mine had a 20-stamp mill, huge heavy pile drivers that crushed the ore.  Imagine the noise the mill created, a continuing bedlam that was ever-present throughout town...must have been maddening) 

and then the logistical problem hauling this massive equipment in from great distances over the Sierras.

Okay, I have a question.  This guy below was from Germany.  He walked into the small entry of the church in yesterday's post that a lady and I were standing in taking pictures through the wire fenced entryway.  The guy reeked with cologne!!  It was as if he took a bath in the stuff.  It was so offensive, no toxic, it burned my nose to breathe in and I had to leave once I couldn't hold my breath any longer.  I came across this another time with another guy from Germany.  What is the deal with these German men and their foo foo juice?  Believe me, downwind from him in the street I could still smell him. 

I could tolerate the smell from one of these much easier than that dude from Germany.
Really I could.  No problem.

That's all for Bodie.  I hope you enjoyed the tour.  There's more to come from the trip though.


  1. Well John, I really, really enjoyed this Bodie visit. I.have.to.go.there.myself! Thanks for all the beautiful photos, insights, great stories and comments from your end. I am a little sad to see Bodie go...

  2. I did enjoy your tour of Bodie. Went back through all the posts. Can't wait to see where you and Sinbad go next.


  3. i really enjoyed your tour of this town (or its remnants). thanks for leaving us with mr. stinky, however. :)

  4. I have noticed the cologne thing with some men - one family I knew from Syria told me that if you didn't have time to bathe, you just splashed on more cologne to mask the smell. I wonder...
    At any rate, I have certainly enjoyed your trip. Looking forward to your next one!

  5. What fun finds! The black and whites are really nice. I also particularly like the window framing shot.

  6. I have thoroughly enjoyed your tour of Bodie! That last shot is brilliant!!

  7. Enjoyed the guided tour very much. But the last picture is my favourite!

  8. This was a great tour. I love the window shot at the end.

  9. Maybe the guy was from Cologne, Germany!


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