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Friday, June 8, 2012

Homes, Bodie Style

Let's look about this home.

A peek inside.

Many of the houses were on an elevated foundation.  My guess would be due to the heavy snow during the winter and wanting a dead air space and somewhat dry ground beneath the floor.

I am sure the mice and rats appreciated the warm dry space.  This little ground squirrel was refurbishing his home beneath the barber shop.

The neighbor's home was covered with these large 5 gallon cans cut open and flattened out.  This was a common practice to be seen on a number of buildings.  The cans probably contained an oil or fuel used in the mining operation considering the huge quantity of them around the area.

This too I saw quite frequently.  It seems attaching an addition to a house there always was an entry for water to seep in at the connection so tin was added under the eave to channel the water away from the joint.  With no rain gutters as we have today, it makes sense.

Here is that first photo in color as I thought it looked nice that way also.

I have received several inquires as to how nothing is ever stolen or vandalized.  Bodie is very very remote, 13 miles off the main road.  Even the turn-off from Hwy 395 is in a remote area of the eastern side of the Sierra mountain range.  There is only one road into Bodie and anyone can be seen coming in from miles away.  Also all the buildings are locked so you are unable to go inside to wander around.  This is for your safety and the protection of the building itself.  Thus one must look through windows or open doorways and windows covered with wire mesh fencing (see third photo).  Rangers live full time in several of the houses so it is not like the place is left to its own unattended at any time of the year.  In spite of the remoteness Bodie does receive around 200,000 visitors a year, many of them from other countries which begs the question as to how they learned of Bodie in the first place.



  1. I'm not sure I'd enjoy actually living in one of those houses as a ranger. It's a real wonder that white-ants haven't eaten them away. Super recycling happened then with the tin cladding!

  2. Very nice photos of the abandoned houses. It is indeed amazing that nothing has been taken away. Must be nice people living there around.

  3. I've enjoyed the ghost town tour!

  4. love the wood in color. and really like those cans flattened out for siding!

  5. Do I need to say the photo of the squirrel is my favourite? ;-)

  6. the second photo looks like you were not separated by a window or door so I was surprised when I read that it was not wide open. and yes, I did think of theft and vandalism before reading your explanation. I missed previous posts, so I have some catching up to do. my favorite photo is #7. I live the square window, the line of the roof, and the reflective sheen of the roof and sage both. very nice shot. and I really like the following shot too, but all are spectacular. okay, I'm going to catch up now. happy day to you and little orange fur-ball.

  7. John, you got some crazy locations in your area. And i though us Welsh people had some cool heritage. you trump us 10 fold.
    Shaun Valleys ShutterBug

  8. Lovely pictures. Bodie is now on my list of places in the US I'd like to visit - along with New Orleans, the Grand Canyon and the Ozarks.

  9. I'm so glad you are still posting Bodie photos, they are great!!

  10. I have really enjoyed visiting Bodie via your photos. I would have missed it altogether otherwise! Great job of taking us along!

  11. This must have been some little town in it's day. Love the squirrel shot.

  12. They learned from bloggers, like you, who take such awesome pics of the place & makes us all want to see it in person! =)

    You've really cover the place awesomely!!!
    Thank you for the info on vandalism & theft, too... I knew you'd said rangers stay there, but I guess I didn't think about it being sooo far out...


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