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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Money, Crooks & Fire

Here is what's left of Bodie's bank,  the vault...

and the safe inside.

Then almost next door is what appears to be the jail from the bars of the window...

and this door lying on the ground outside.
Odd place to have the jail with the bank right next door.  Maybe it was part of a rehabilitation program - having the constant temptation of crime within sight while confined to a jail cell. 
Exposure therapy.

One of the blacksmith shops.
I am sure there would have been more than one but only this one remains.

The firehouse.  The brilliant midday sun and strong shadows was really giving my camera exposure fits.

At its peak Bodie had around 2000 buildings.  In 1892 a severe fire swept through the town.  You can imagine the tinder dry wood structures so close to each other and a stiff wind which is a common occurrence in this high altitude country there would be little this little fire department could do but save itself.

The town slowly tried to rebuild itself but the boom had already burst by this time.  In 1932 another fire broke out leaving only a small percentage of the town untouched.  Today there are around 170 buildings left standing.

I read that the bell tolled whenever someone was being buried.  Judging by the history of this town it seems the bell got a frequent workout.

Yep, even a fire hydrant out front.  Makes one wonder if it was more for show that effectiveness.


  1. You have done such a marvelous job of showing that piece of history, John! I have really enjoyed each and every post about this ghost town. Your photos are excellent, as always!

  2. really loved this whole set. and like linda said, you've been an excellent tour guide - giving history and feeling to each post.

  3. I think it's very convenient for all concerned to have the jail right next to the bank...
    Great photos. You really took me back in time with this tour.

  4. Just catching up on your Bodie posts... excellent, and thanks! I've never been, but it's now squarely on my list of places to go.

  5. These are all great. I love the bank and vault.

  6. I think 170 buildings left - that's a lot. It's a treasure trove of rich history, and you've captured it so beautifully for this tour. I've truly enjoyed it. The shot of the fire department is extraordinary - that shadow in the foreground makes me feel as though I'm standing in the doorway myself. happy evening to you and Sinbad.

  7. That bank vault is beautiful! I wonder how many bank robberies they had with the jail being so close by!

  8. the history of this town is just so captivating! I have to thank you again for covering it so well & sharing it w/ us all! =)


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