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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mono Lake

A few scenes of Mono Lake before we move on to Yosemite National Park.

This was dry land out to the furthest tufa so as you can see progress has been made but it has taken 18 years to gain this much.

Once the mandated level is reached these tufa formations will be surrounded by water but I doubt I will live long enough to witness that sight.  The really sad reality of it all is before the Los Angeles County Department of Water and Power began sucking the lake dry (pre 1940) these formations were completely submerged and that is how they were formed. But no one will ever see that sight ever again.  Unless we have a big earthquake and southern California drops off into the Pacific Ocean which means Los Angeles County will no longer exist and... I'll stop there. 


  1. What is a "tufa"? Is it a sandstone formation? Guess I should look that up! This is a very pretty lake - nice that the state is reclaiming it, after the near-destruction! Sometimes I wonder if any of us really have any idea of the damage we are doing to mother earth?!

  2. you better stop there! :)

    LOVE the glorious blues and greens in those first few shots!!!

  3. Beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing. Love your travels.


  4. beautiful! thx for sharing, your pictures +your travels always take me places :)

  5. Interesting - I had a bit of a follow up on Wikipedia - it's got it's own page.
    Seems our demand for water is huge - demonstrated by the loss of much of this lake. Over here (and in lots of the rest of the world), where it never seems to stop raining, they flood entire valleys to catch water.


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