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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rubbish & Litter Everywhere! It Was Wonderful.

One of the first things you notice when you take your eyes away from the Big Picture, is all the trash underfoot.

Well they didn't have any waste management services so what else to do but toss it?

 It was the good kind of litter for there wasn't a piece of paper or plastic anywhere
and I was fascinated with it.

Every home had its trash heap out back and this was the typical distance from the house the empty pile of tins would be found.  So it wasn't like they threw them out the back door.  No, they took a short walk to deposit their rubbish.

Take time to look at individual pieces and you can pick out necks to whisky and beer bottles, medicine or opium bottles, sardine tins, baked bean cans and who knows what else?

Break a dish, cup or bowl, out in the rubbish heap it went.

Even away from the buildings an occasional can could be found like this which I suspect held condensed milk.  Naturally I wondered how it came to be out here by itself.  I felt every piece held a story.  How did it get transported to Bodie?  Who did it belong to? What did it contain?  What took place on that day it was opened?  When was it deposited with all the rest of the cans?


  1. yes you could ponder longer wandering around there and I love that you included a black and white image, really sets the scene John.

  2. Who ever though that old tin trash could become interesting. Nice work John
    Shaun Valleys ShutterBug

  3. You have managed to make trash sound interesting, John! Very nice photos - and I also love the B&W!

  4. Hi John.. Golly-gee I have missed so much on your posts...I just got of the railroad tracks ; ] which are fabulous just love the way that projection them meeting goes, of which I know there is a name for, but duh!!
    Magnificent photos, all the way to today's post , and wonderful history of the area.. I like too that you used black and white for some..
    I like these old dump photos so much character and history that say's a lot about these people!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  5. again, a nice peek into a different time and the human side of it.

  6. Metal trash and your black and whites, what great finds out there. I know a guy that use to bring home all those finds. Sounds like you really enjoyed this trip.

  7. I love all of the rusted cans.

  8. Rubbish is ever so much improved by rust! :))

  9. Yes, all those questions, I would like to know the answers too. Great post John!

  10. I am still playing catch up John.. I will definitely be returning to read up on your latest adventures.

  11. Another great post. I love that B&W image, it has a great atmosphere about it.


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