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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A View Inside the View

Carolyn from Oakland Daily Photo said in a comment that she would like to see some inside shots of our replacement manufactured home on wheels.  Well thank you Carolyn for that suggestion for I didn't know what to post for today as I still haven't taken my camera out for a walk to get some new material.

These photos are from the day I first saw the Little House on the Highway sitting on the dealer's lot 5 years ago.  The little point & click camera I had at the time didn't have the greatest of wide angle capabilities.

Looking towards the rear.  This is the "J" model which is what we liked as it had a dedicated bed in the rear. The other two models have a sofa to the right where the table is which means folding it out and back up each day.  Behind the curved door is the shower/toilet area, refrigerator/freezer to the right and between the two in a little alcove which you cannot see is a small bath sink and cabinet.  Opposite the refrigerator is a closet to hang clothes.  The white wall to the right is the portion that slides out at the push of the black button above that black control panel.  This gives a lot more room inside when parked. 

Beneath that wood cover on the counter top (above) is the large stainless steel sink (below).  We use a small Rubbermaid basin to wash dishes in rather than using much more water needed for that sink.  The small spigot is filtered drinking water the previous owner installed.  I get Sinbad's water from it.  We still use bottled water for ourselves.  Door to outside is to the left.  Standing here cooking I imagine it to be how it might be in a sailboat's galley.  Pots and pans below the stove top.

Above the sink is the cabinet we use for dishes mostly and the microwave/convection oven.  Didn't have that in the Box.  Yes, all the cabinetry has a curve to it - European styling.  This is very attractive to the women as the Mercedes diesel engine and mechanics is attractive to the men.  This year's model, 2006 was the first year Winnebago began producing these.  They instantly realized they hit a home run with this size and design of RV as it proved very popular and struggled to meet demand.  Today other RV manufactures like Fleetwood have since copied the Winnebago View.  That crank thingy in the ceiling is to raise the TV antenna.  I've raised it one time.  More on that next.

Across from the kitchen area is the dining table which can be laid down to make a bed.  You'll notice the bottom edge of the slide down TV in the middle.  Oh I love this for it is hidden and not to be seen.  In the 2007 model and beyond they began mounting a flat screen TV above the entry door and then later on otherwise valuable wall space.  I don't watch TV while on the road.  I go on road trips to get away from the mindless media programming but some people, a majority it seems, cannot live without their television.  If I had an RV with a TV screen out in the open like that I'd use it to place sticky notes and tape maps on.  That would be the only worthwhile purpose for me.  We keep lightweight food in the left cabinet and the right holds maps, road & field guides and a Yahtzee game.  Between the two doors is now a clock that keeps questionable time and little artifacts collected from our travels.

The bathroom.  Although the shower has been used a few times, we still will use campground showers as they are more convenient with greater pressure (in some cases) and leaves our space dry.  I keep Sinbad's litter box in the shower.  This is an area of contention with my wife.  I've devised a little steel rod holder opener for the door to the bathroom so that it remains open a few inches all the time when traveling and at night.  This way Sinbad can access his litter box at any time.  Unfortunately I do not have a photo of the little bath sink and cabinet area just off to the right outside of this spot.  It is really nice and gives you a feeling of the being in a airplane restroom but much nicer, cleaner and without the smell!  Trust me.  One of many reasons I despise air travel.

Looking towards the front from back by the bath area.  You may be able to make out the overhead bunk which is in the raised position.  I have since removed it and made it flat all the way across with a moving pad covered piece of plywood so that we can throw all of our stuff up there like cameras, tripods, hats, packs, cat, etc.  This could be done with the bed down but with it being 6" thick I was just unable to reach things in back.  Now that it is lower that is not a problem anymore.  No floor shots but there is carpet up front and beneath the table which all slides out or as they call a pop-out.  Linoleum down the center into the bathroom area.

The salesman had just demonstrated how the passenger seat could be placed in a reclining position.  But it does give you an idea as to how nice this vehicle was taken care of by it's previous owner for the one year they owned it.  The wall behind the driver's seat is the front portion of the pop-out.

Now this is NOT Sinbad.  It is a picture I got from another View owner but I wanted to show a bit of the front console.  Sinbad has never ventured up front to lie down like this cat has.  Hmm...I just noticed this has a different stereo than ours.  I have my GPS mounted on the slope closer to me and my cord isn't dangling across the front like this fellow's is.  Ooo, that would bug me.

What I really like about this 2006 model is that it was the only year it had the inline 5 cylinder cast iron block diesel engine.  In 2007 and beyond Mercedes went with the V-6 aluminum diesel motor.  While it may have slightly more horsepower it gets about a mile less miles-per-gallon.  I drive between 56-59 miles per hour most of the time and average 18.5 mpg, which is slightly better than the reports from View owners in that chart.  I have got over 20 several times and as low as 16 which was from driving 65+ just trying to get out of town and California.  Believe me, I am smiling while at the fuel pump, especially when I look across the way and see one of those humongous RV's filling up knowing they get 6-8 mpg.

This is it the day I first saw it.  That air conditioner works great.  It can get so cold you can hang meat inside.  Yes, the windows are dust tight, as long as you remember to close them.  I removed the stripes from the cab doors as well from the front overhead along with the "Winnebago" and the "View" from the front hood.  On yesterday's post you can see the before and after.  Also the hubcaps were removed.  Figured might as well for owners would say you'd loose them on the highway anyway.  I sold them to another View owner since his rolled off down the highway somewhere.  Otherwise no major modifications were done as we did with the Box.  No need to.


  1. Very nice interior shots, John! This looks like a comfy home away from home.

  2. Hi there - we have talked bout doing a holiday in a van like this - I think it would be a blast!

    That cat really does look at home!

    Stewart M - Australia

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. they're really amazing and certainly every comfort and the seats look fabulous for long hours at the wheel.

  5. obviously a very good investment for you. glad you followed your 'gut' and bought it. :)

  6. HI John..I have one thing to say..
    "Snazzy" home on wheels!! : }

  7. All the comforts of home and then some. Don't forget to close the windows in a sand storm!

  8. Looks great. Love your dashboard ornament, very handsome.

  9. Wonderful to see John... I want one.
    The image of Sinbad is the spitting image of my cat Billy...unfortunately no longer with me.


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