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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dances With Wolves and Tater Tots

   We came up out of Nebraska into South Dakota on State Route 83.  Where it intersected Interstate 90 at Murdo was to be the movie set left behind from the film Dances With Wolves, starring Kevin Costner.  Having come across left behind movie sets in the wilds before, I had high expectations for this one.  First off, it was not to be seen anywheres around Murdo.  I stopped and asked.  "Oh that is 20 miles west of here on the Interstate."  Hmm...my plan was to see it here, along with a metal art piece then head east to Mitchell for the famous Corn Palace.  Well the Corn Palace I was sure would be too touristy for me and all I would probably have done was stand in front and take a corny picture of myself there.  So it was west to the movie set.  Right off I don't have good feelings about this one as there are huge billboards every mile urging the traveler to stop at the "1880's Old Town".  In spite of all the signs, this is not a good sign.  Well at least there is that metal art piece of the human skeleton walking a T-Rex skeleton to see. 

The art piece comes into view and there is no stopping on the Interstate.  Here are my pictures.

Here is what I missed (thank you mystery person on the Internet)

We arrived at the "movie set".  It is a major tourist scene, completely enclosed behind a 10 foot high fence so as you cannot see anything but the church steeple without paying your 8 bucks.  I am sure it was well worth the price of admission, but after touring The Museum of Fur Trade a couple of days ago, I wasn't ready for more of the similar.  Plus it is 100F (37.7C) degrees outside - tomorrow it is to be 106F (41C), and I was worried about being cold before leaving home!  I looked through a crack in the fence up Main Street (my fears were confirmed), ate lunch and headed north to Pierre.  We crossed the Missouri River and found a nice State Recreational Area, huge, clean, all to ourselves and with electricity to run the A/C.  Also, unexpected free wi-fi somehow or I wouldn't be able to post this. 

Two items of interest from today:
1.  The lady DJ on the Classic Rock radio station said how CBS News went and reported on the little ticker tape news thingy that runs along the bottom of your TV screen about the passing of Neil Armstrong this past weekend.  "Neil Young, the first man to walk on the moon dies at the age of 82."  Neil Young is alive and well and along with his band Crazy Horse are releasing a new album soon.  Oops.

2.  At Big Tim's Cafe in Pierre, South Dakota they have a $6.99 special for Tater Tot Casserole.  I cannot begin to imagine.


  1. ooh! i've had tater tot casserole! it's like shepherd's pie w/ tater tots on top instead of mashed potatoes! :)

    i LOVE your man walking dino shots!!!

  2. Like Tex (Theresa) said. I like your pictures of the skeleton and T rex better. It is interesting though and the tater tot casserole sounds interesting. I would be willing to try it. How is Sinbad doing on this trip so far?


  3. That first photo looks like something out of The Terminator.

    Tater tot casserole... it has possibilities.

    And the Neil Young part is just hilarious. Ya gotta love the news.

  4. Oh, the news people are a piece of work these days! Ours can barely speak clearly and forget pronouncing words right! As for your commentary, it is just as much fun to read as I imagined it would be! Keep it coming! And stay safe.

  5. I knew Neil Young got pretty high sometimes but never knew he made it to the moon.

  6. I like your travel stories. The photos through the window are great, specialy the second one! At least it is the prove you have been there.

  7. Great piece of work!

  8. Good grief! Neil Young was the first man on the moon! And to think I felt so chuffed as a small boy when I saw Neil Armstrong being made a freeman of the town of Langholm.

    Never mind - the cracking dinosaur makes up for it.


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