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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dining in the Box

You just gotta love that avocado green color. We did.  But not enough so to have in our home.  40 years earlier we did, but not now.  The original refrigerator worked...kind of.  Sometimes we bought a block of ice and stuck it in there to help out the old unit.  The little stove and oven worked wonderfully as did the overhead fan and light.

After a couple of years of dealing with sour milk and warm beer I bought a new refrigerator and installed it which you see here.  That baby worked good.  There's nothing like having frozen Popsicles when it is 100+ in the desert not to mention cold beer and sodas.

Here are the cabinets for our dishes and cooking ware.  The dispenser jug above the refrigerator was for nice clean drinking water.  Heck, I won't even drink the water out of the tap here at home.  Notice the little brown thingy on the ceiling.  That is a magnet which is suppose to hold up the door.  Well they were weak and after having the door fall and hit me in the head a couple of times, I installed the brass supports.

On the opposite side over the table we put our food and stuff in these cabinets.  In the cabinet you can see the original veneer panelling which gives you an idea how dark it was before, like living in a wood crate.

The table which could be folded down to provide more sleeping area.  Notice the carpet wrapped around the leg for Sinbad to use as a scratching pole.  He used it too.  There is carpet on the back of the seat you'll notice.  He didn't scratch on it but he would sit up there so I just placed the strip there so he had something to grip on to rather than dig his claws into the Naugahyde as we turned corners or hit bumps.

This is the only view of the floor.  I asked my wife if she remembered what it originally looked like but we both cannot recall.  Whatever, it was butt-ugly carpet of some sort for sure.  I am thinking an indoor/outdoor carpet and up front which we'll get to next time was a shag carpet, naturally - 1970's remember?  At any rate it was the first to go for desert dirt and carpet don't work well together.  A light color linoleum was laid down and made the unit easy to sweep out and keep clean.  Throw rugs here and there for those cold mornings and bare feet.

Under those seats was storage.  On one trip to Arizona I had stashed so many collected rocks underneath that near seat that they eventually broke the floor loose which flopped down to rest on the the rear tire.  Fortunately we had not left camp yet and as I sat in the shade resting from my collecting I noticed something not looking right above the tire. I removed all the rock, distributing the load throughout the Box and screwed the flooring back up into place.  Oh how it was hot that day too!

Next time the bath room and front cabin, command central.


  1. SO COOL. I have always known i can live on the go like that. one day :)
    also not sure if you are into reading but, julio cortazar's (one of his latest) published works is just super magical, maybe you'll enjoy it as much as i did:
    autonauts of the cosmoroute- julio cortazar and carol dunlop

  2. This has been so much fun to tour your "box"! Isn't it amazing what we can live without?

  3. You sure call your gear by strange names, the green stove is a cooker a stove here in the uk is a wood burning device. and I will never tire of people calling the rubber on wheels tires, do you prefer the old box or the new one?

  4. how really interesting to see inside your mode of travels and adventures John.....

  5. Wow, this thing was really like a 1970's rumpus room on wheels! I love it. I can't imagine what the whole thing looked like with all that paneling. You guys did a great job with it.

  6. Hi John...Yeah today you appeared : }
    I am loving the saga of the box!
    The avocado doesn't look to bad with the white, I think I could handle that!
    I always wondered why in the devil they put carpeting in a camper, who want to clean carpet away from home!!

  7. that olive green looks very cool and retro now. :) the rock collecting made me laugh - glad you caught it before trying to drive out!

  8. This sure brings back memories for me. Great idea for a post. I will read on now that I have more time.

  9. We used to have appliances that color when I was young.

  10. I sensed that I came into the story in mid chapter. Scrolled to this post and realize I need to go even further back. I wanted to comment though - you and the rocks story. I had to laugh and laugh. Same thing happened to me in N.M. I had so many rocks in the backseat and trunk of my car that the suspension failed and wheels were hitting the wheel wells. I had to leave most of them behind. It's amazing how many rocks one can collect in just a week's time, and until they're actually loaded into the car, well, you aren't really thinking about the weight, just the beauty. Ever watch the Lucy/Desi movie The Long Long Trailer? same deal, plus scenes of Lucy trying to make dinner while Desi drives - hilarious.

  11. It actually looks pretty cozy inside and the green isn't too bad. I can just imagine Sinbad on the back of the seat holding on while you went around corners.



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