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Friday, August 3, 2012

Inside the BOX

The walls were this dark wood veneer paneling, which made the inside dreary.  We painted all the wood a light cream color which brightened things up tremendously.  Most of the walls we added wallpaper for that homelike feeling.  Remember this is a 1972 vehicle so avocado green was the color of choice for kitchens and appliances back then.  We just couldn't change that even if we wanted to. We recovered the seat cushions and front seats to match.  They were this nasty looking brown & gold fabric originally.

The back had a bench seat that folded down into a bed.  I removed the short bookcase/headboard at one end making the sleeping area a bit longer and we left the bed down all the time.  This made for a lot less hassle once in camp.  You 'll notice the fan in this photo and the one above.  I installed them and just to get the air moving made a huge difference when in the desert.

The original fold-out seat cushions got tossed and we replaced them with a futon mattress.  This was one comfortable bed to sleep on.  You can see the hinge from the fold down overhead bunk.  It was usually left folded up (see top photo) as we didn't need the space to haul stuff around in. 

Two cabinets for clothes, towels and such. 
The one I added the extra shelves in so we could have more usable space.

Next we'll look at the kitchen and dining area more closely.


  1. You did a great job of sprucing that up! We did the same thing with the closets in our trailer - raised the bar for hanging clothes in the one, taking out the shelf above it, and putting shelves in the other one. What a difference it made! I smiled at the avocado green - haven't seen that color in a while!

  2. I LOVE it - right down to the avocado green.

  3. an interesting 'tour' look forward to the next posts

  4. i love your 'hula girl' in the window. :)

  5. You did a great redo job on the old girl John.


  6. HI John...If there was a like button on blog I would give one to Teresa's
    comment..I didn't notice the hula girl!! : }
    Well i have enjoyed looking back as you have relived and redone the box!!
    Ya avocado green ..do hope it never comes back in style : }
    I have done a unfollow, and a new follow, and will see if that makes a difference, because I still am not getting your post in my readers list : ?!!
    Thanks for your comment..high five to ya ; }!!

  7. ITs interesting to see the changes you made to the Box...all good ones I think! There is an appliance spray paint now that works really well we painted a used stack washer dryer we purchased from almond to White to match our decor!!

  8. Looks comfy, cozy and very functional. I'm totally intrigued with these motor homes.

  9. what a cozy little home on wheels. You're a handy guy to have around alright. Is there anything you can't do???


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