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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The day before the mountain bike race I was out scouting for a good spot to take pictures from when off in the distance I saw what looked like an Indian war bonnet lying in the grass.  Closer inspection revealed it to be the remains of a turkey wing and breast bone.

Now before you say "poor turkey" consider that there are oodles of them here in California and that they are not native to our state.  There once was a turkey indigenous to the California area, Meleagris californica, but it became extinct probably due to climate change during the end of the last glacier period along with hunting by early human inhabitants.  Also remember they provide a valuable food source for coyote, bob cat and mountain lion that live here.  Besides, do you think "poor turkey" before you poke your knife and fork onto one at Thanksgiving?

I didn't pick any of the feathers.  I already have a couple poking out of my hiking hat so I left it for someone else.


  1. Hi John...We to had turkeys introduced back into the wild here...an they have survived and so survived that people in the city have them at there bird feeders..not happy people lol!! We didn't have coyotes before the turkeys now we have both, and the coyotes have wiped out the wild rabbit in many places!!
    I don't mind ..they are comical to watch. : }
    Good point on the Thanksgiving dinner lol!!
    When I see bikers my Mother always comes to mind she would say "look at those fools peddling there legs of to give there *** (butt) a ride!! ; }

  2. i'm sure it was a good meal for several critters. :)

  3. Same here; the birds of prey only thrive when there's a sizeable pigeon population for them to eat.

  4. Nice encounter. I would have taken the feather : such a gift is not to decline....

  5. Simbas clone is working hard to starr on my blog, chek it out !


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