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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sinbad in the Box

More from the archives.

So these are my little buddy when he was younger (5 years or more) from today.

On the back of the seat that I placed carpet so he wouldn't dig his claws into the vinyl when we hit bumps or took a turn too fast.

Yep, he liked the dash of the Box.  Not so of the View.

A good place also to watch what was going on outside in the dark .

The seat cushion at the table is nice

but I think I'll go outside for awhile

and roll in the dirt.


  1. Sinbad is certainly a beautiful fellow. They are so much company, and their personalities are delightful! Our Sweetie Dog has traveled with us since the day after we picked her up - she gets super excited when she sees her carrier!

  2. loved the view outside too. I thought maybe it was at Christmas-time since I noted the little lights. A fabulous home away from home that's for sure and one very contented and lucky cat!

  3. Your Sindbad looks really nice and is enjoying to travel with you.

  4. Simbad is the best globe trotter cat !

  5. he's a very special traveler. :)

  6. Sinbad is such a good boy John. We used to have a yellow cat like him. We called him Curly Bill. He loved to ride in the car. He would sit on my husbands shoulder and look out the window. He would get mad if we didn't take him along.

    Thanks for sharing Sinbad

  7. Nice Voodoo dolls :)

  8. I really enjoyed perusing through your last 3 or 4 posts about the box and the transition to the new one. I do my camping by 5th wheel on the back of my Dodge diesel pickup, but have looked longingly at your little Winnebago View. Though it is way out of my budget for now. Maybe some day. Thanks so much for the tours.

  9. I just love that second shot. He is awesome.

  10. my buddy. I'm loving the second and fourth shots of him zoning out. you have yourself one adorable kitty cat there - he's a character that's bigger than life. aren't orange kitties just the best???

  11. Oh so cute. Love the outside carpet in the last pic--Aladen would be happy.


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