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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Since Sinbad and I returned home from our last road trip a month ago, I haven't fired up the ol' Nikon one time.  Thus, I have ran out of material and for the first time have had to delve into Photos From the Past. 

Here is our first motor home what we affectionately referred to as The Box due to it's shape.  It was a 1972 Winnebago Brave.  My wife suggested it was time we began to camp in comfort.  No more roughing it out of the vehicle.  I was okay with the idea and we started looking.  I could see the potential in most everything we looked.  Always the optimist, even an RV setting in a vacant lot with weeds growing up through the floor held promise but she held out knowing we could do better.  Then one day on her way home from work she saw this funky old motor home setting along the road with a For Sale sign.  Soon it was ours and the renovation to make it really ours began.

It was a fun vehicle with it's fair share of breakdowns all of which I was able to get it back on the road without the need for a tow truck. 

You may notice the For Sale sign in the window.  All of these photos are from when we were ready to move on to something newer and nicer.

We had the Box for 7 years and put 20,000 miles on it, and it attracted attention most everywhere we went as you can well imagine.

Most of our trips in it were to the desert.  With no air conditioning, none of the windows sealing tight against dust storms and no generator we managed just fine and had some wonderful times in it.

Next we'll go inside for the 25 cent tour.


  1. Great post, I love these blasts from the past :-). I see myself driving around in such a box, haha.

  2. I am totally in awe of your version of camping - we have a 30' tagalong and I definitely want electricity and water wherever we go! I can do without the sewer connection...but once we graduated from the tent to the first TT, I never wanted to look back. This is an interesting looking vehicle - and I love the shot of you parked all alone in the desert! Great! Can't wait to see the inside!

  3. That Winnebago took you a lot of miles on those tiny-looking tires. Looks like you kept it in pristine condition for the next happy owner.

  4. I love it! Can't wait to see the inside.

  5. I'm sure it was better than a tent.


  6. I love that last shot

    it's a fine looking "box" :)

  7. Bet you had some great days in that little box. Love that last shot.

  8. We don't have landscapes like this, so for me it's cool to see the desert through your photos. ;-)

  9. This box post brings tears to my eyes. How adorable is this?! I am guessing you had a lot of great adventures in it. We had one, and all the trips were so great, and FUN. I am enjoying this post.

  10. I'm already in love. but I'm reading on....


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