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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Mountain Bike Race

I situated myself at the 13 mile mark - half way for most, but there was a long course that added 6.7 miles of agony if you so desired.  That added loop was 5 miles past this point.  Here is your leader at 13 miles.

See him sweating any? I don't.

Here is the pack chasing him about 20 yards behind.

I missed the first two women as they were side by side gabbing to each other as if they were out for a Sunday ride. It was Saturday. "Hi, what's your name?"  "Melissa."  "I'm Jennifer.  I think I remember seeing you at the Cow Mountain Race." "Oh yeah!"  Good grief ladies.  Okay, so here is woman #3 about 100 yards behind trying to catch up to all the chit-chat.

One of the first youngsters demonstrating the proper method for climbing.  This kid was way up there in the race too.  I plan to try the curled tongue technique myself next time I have to climb a hill.

Those in the latter half of the race were having a lot of fun.

Most of the women with long hair had their hair in braids.  I am a sucker for women with braids.  This girl wins the Braided Hair Award with the added touch of red ribbons.

In case you didn't think these women were serious and tough, check out the scars on this girl's leg.


  1. I tried the curled -tongue technique when I was six and bit my tongue going over a bump. Don't try it!

  2. Well you had a great day watching all the racers passing by and especially all the women. I like it that everybody is joining the race, old and young, men and women, heavy and thin.

  3. Excellent shots! I admire all the riders. I have never been into biking.

  4. I was admiring the muscle definition of these racers! That shows how hard they are working!!

  5. laughing at john 'stargoose''s comment. :)

  6. Well people do say "it's all in how you hold your mouth" so maybe that does help. Anyway, John, cool post.

  7. They all look pretty fit to me. Love the curled tongue look and yep I bet they wipe out too.


  8. Cool series John!
    I don't think my knees would enjoy the physical effort, even with the curled tongue technique. ;-)

  9. That is some scar. My hat is off to her.

  10. That curled-tongue technique looks very dangerous!

  11. Splendid set of shots! The scars are impressive!

    Stewart M


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