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The nice thing about being confused is you get a chance to notice things a lot better than if you knew where you were going.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012


   The main objective on this trip was the Plains States.  Slowly working our way home is taking us through New Mexico and Arizona.  I don’t have a list of the weird and unusual for them although I briefly checked for some at camp the other night where I had Internet.  What I thought I would do was seek out old signage that stills remains on Route 66 which parallels Interstate 40 most of the way.

Here is one of the first I spotted at Bluewater, New Mexico.  In case your wondering, this was taken early in the day using a polarizing filter and is straight out of the camera.

These signs are so cool and there are very few remaining, in fact at many locations it is the sign that is that there is left. They recall a period in our lives, before fast food and chain motels, that will be gone forever.  Someday sadly, these signs too will be no more.


  1. That's a beauty. I am sure you will see more.

  2. the journey home is sometimes a bitter/sweet taste do you think John? Sounds like you've had some good days on the road with Sinbad. I have done the short-trip in your abscence (1,000 clicks) to the nor-west, inland, from dust-bowls to marshes.

  3. I hope you find a lot more signs...they are really cool! You will have covered a lot of ground by the time you get home!

  4. I love these signs. I saw a painter on the weekend who searches them out, takes a pic, and then does wonderful paintings of them but your pic is breathtaking with that sky!

  5. This is an old one. When we go to my daughter's in Maryland, we drive the back roads rather than tackle the beltway around DC. There are bunches of these old sign on that road. I just love them. Bud made the half in 3 hours and 13 was a tough one. I posted pictures from the run. Now he is in training for the big one in November...the real marathon in Richmond. genie

  6. Great photo! I love these signs. I really wish I could have known what these places were like in their heyday.

  7. It is a great sign. Nice pic John.



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