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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jasper, Arkansas

Motorcycle Hanging Tree

I had a few disappointments on this trip of the weird and unusual and this is one of them.  Maybe it was due to it being at the end of the day.  Maybe it was because I had to make a long hard steep climb up a twisty narrow Ozark Mountain road for this one.  Maybe it was that Wayne needs to trim his tree some so we can get a good photo of the Japanese motorcycles he hung from his tree (Wayne was a Harley guy).  I looked at my map and it appeared I would be facing 14 more miles of this torturous of road if I continued on.  I turned and went back down the mountain the way I came and soon was on flat land once again.

I mentioned this before but I cannot go without saying it again.  The Ozarks in Arkansas provided some outstanding photo opportunities - shacks, shanties, rustic slap-together housing - and with absolutely no shoulder to pull off road onto, regardless of the size of vehicle you were driving.  It was extremely frustrating.
Maybe it was that.


  1. An original way to have your motors off the ground. Poor tree.

  2. Even with the overgrown branches, that is pretty funny...guess we know how he feels about the Japanese bikes! A true Harley fan! Funny...

  3. amazing tree, a lot different to the teapot and the bok trees I saw at Salamancca/Tasmania!

  4. and lots of 'statements' made by opinionators. :)

  5. interesting tree art. TFS John. Maybe you could just stop in the middle of the road and let everyone else wait till your done taking pics.


  6. Must be a bit depressing traveling through there!

  7. "Dad, can you buy me a motorcycle?"
    "A motorcycle? They don't grow on trees you know, son"

  8. Dear John,

    these are wonderful photos!


  9. You can come up with =some of the most unusual and fascinating shots of anyone. These two are great. Kudos to you for putting a big grin on my face. genie

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