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Sunday, September 16, 2012


Kingman, Kansas

Imagine that you decide you want to sell your home.  This weekend the realtor is going to have a open house and prospective buyers will be coming by.  And this is your next door neighbor's home.  Might be a tough sell, you think?

Well, it could be worse.

Mullinville, Kansas

If it wasn't a known male politician, then most all the figures had women's names attached to them, many times repeated.  Women who had wronged him or those he held affection for, it was hard to tell.

This guy lived at the edge of town you could say.  Directly across the street are homes all along the way.  Each day you look out and have to see this stuff.

It was difficult to decide which way this guy leaned.

Here is his shop. I am pretty sure this guy is a few degrees off center and I just didn't have it in me to listen to him rattle on about his agenda, so I didn't stop.

This I am sure is his home.

Yep, his opinions stretched off into the distance as far as you could see.

And around the corner and up the other side.

Funny thing was I saw pieces of his work in various yards of people's homes.  Either he gifted these to some poor souls and you dared not refuse his gift, or there is something in water of Mullinville.


  1. Free-speech is alive and well and living in Mullinville, Kansas. But I'm glad I don't!

  2. I say "Amen" to the previous comment! I do love the idea of free speech, even though some of the speakers make me cringe! Great captures of these unusual lawns...so glad I don't have to look at them on a regular basis! I can't imagine...guess you get used to them!

  3. Absolutely amazing to see John...

    Many thanks for sharing.

  4. ...I would never have believed it if you hadn't posted this! Wow.

  5. the first one made me laugh. the second one i thought was neat - at first. until you started showing more. then it concerned me.

  6. I would look at the house and think "hey this person is creative and has a great sense of humor."

  7. First time I have visited your blog and I have to say I am still laughing. When I eventually get to tour America, is Kansas a place to visit or avoid?

  8. Scary stuff! I wouldn't be buying next door!

  9. I'm detecting a hint of disapproval here John. Thanks anyway for showinf us the work of M.T.Liggett. Perhaps also thanks for keeping it over on that side of the pond. There's a bit of a film about him here.


  10. I think I'm with Randy, at least this isn't just like the next place...

  11. Oh my so much junk er I mean stuff.


  12. He is probably the Mayor of Mullinville to boot!



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