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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Carhenge Revisited

One of our first stops on the Great Plains Tour was Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska.  You can see that post here.  There were other art pieces to be seen there and here are a few.

It is a shame about the graffiti.  I talked with the young lady in the small office/gift shop about it and she said the artist plans to paint over everything again once he gets enough donations to cover the cost of the paint.

The head is made up of two car engine oil pans.

I liked this one

A bench made from truck tailgates. Not that comfortable for a long sit and not something you'd want to sit on during a hot summer day or freezing cold winter day.

As you can see, Carhenge itself is painted a grey to simulate the igneous rock of the original Stonehenge in England.


  1. I like the dinosaur. Shame about the graffiti. Very innovative minds.

  2. I am surprised what you can do with an old car. I have never seen this before. The Stonehenge is a very modern one,it is funny. The dinosaur is also very creative. Those graffiti people have to keep their hands of from someone else artwork. It is respectless.

  3. I actually like the graffiti, but it is not my art. very creative. thanks for sharing

  4. i like the green fish. :)

    they did that to cadillac ranch, too. graffiti'd the heck out of it. i liked it better when they were all painted pink.

  5. So cool, and looks like a really fun place to photograph... you got some great shots!

  6. This is still a great thing. Bits I haven't seen like the fish car. Well worth a revisit.

  7. Glad you shared some of the other parts of it. I'm like the others I like the fish and the dinosaur, but I do hate the graffiti.

  8. So glad you visited and photographed this quirky place. Love stuff like this. The fish is my absolute favorite.

  9. «Louis» has got to see this! He's planning a cross-country trip, so this is on the agenda now, thanks to you!


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