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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Alien Creature on a Rainy Day

Sinbad was intently watching something outside my study window early one morning while the rain poured incessantly from an atmospheric river as they call it.

And there it was this little crayfish crawling along the gravel. Where he came from is a mystery for the nearest possibility is the pond along the golf course, across the street nearly 100 yards away.

"Get back or you die!"

"I'm warning you no more!"

I have recently inherited my wife's iPhone and these are the first "serious" pictures I have taken with it and the first cellphone photos I've put on this blog.  The capability of this camera phone is amazing, even at such close range (which I feel is what would be macro mode with my other cameras) and in very low light.  I'll not forsake my Nikon DSLR or Canon point & click, but there will probably be more cellphone photos on this blog in the future.
And just try to tell the difference.  Not sure I could.


  1. truth is stranger than fiction sometimes ....

  2. That is weird to see in your garden! I must say the photos with the cellphone look excellent.

  3. I wonder where that came from! We have a "pet" crayfish... and I do believe it is smarter than my dog.

    I am always impressed by the photos an iPhone can take. There are some really cool websites that feature iPhone photography.

  4. Ha! He's a cool little guy . I stumbled on one this summer and he was HUGE! I'd never seen one that big before. I like the low angle shots! Good stuff! (i don't even have a cell phone currently, I'm so out of the loop, ha!)

  5. i like your critter! i bet sinbad had a blast wondering what that creepy thing was.

    great iphonography, too!

  6. Definitely out of his depth. Can craw fish have panic attacks? haha. Did he find his way back to the pond?

    You're right about the iPhone camera. The resolution is impressive.

  7. Great shots. He must have gotten lost in the rain.

  8. My kids have had IPhones for some time now and I have always been amazes at some of the photos they have taken with them, especially the concerts.
    Your crayfish photos are awesome!

  9. Great picture - we call animals like this Yabbies.

    The capability of these phone cameras is pretty special these days.

    Stewart M - Australia

  10. I think cell phones capture phos incredibly well!

  11. Aww crayfish, quite puzzling huh? Not unless you are living near a river or a body of water.
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