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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fill 'er Up

Seen on the road at a restored filling station, non-functional, just for looks.

Check out those prices.

This brand I had not seen before.  Perhaps one from back east?

Wish that guy hadn't parked his ugly truck there.


  1. so would it be a private venture restoration rather than a 'heritage' issue? Is the property used for anything?

  2. I may be old, but I have not heard of either of these companies, but the pictures and the price take me immediately to my past, younger years. The "Polly" brand is pretty clever. Now, every time I see your name I think of the kitty sitting in HIS chair. Hope you are giving him a fair share of the time in it. genie

  3. so that IS a mannequin in the window. :)

  4. That looks pretty amazing. Its not good for us Brits seeing those kinda prices for gas though. Really liking the last mono shot.

  5. He didn't know he was interfering with a memorial!!
    I have a vague memory of a gas pump shaped like that first one, but of course, the name on it was different...

  6. I've not heard of any of those brands of gasoline. the restored station is like a gas station museum - how great is that? I thought I was the only one who got unwanted ugly trucks in their photos. happy day to you and Sinbad buddy.

  7. I remember stations like this. Now that was Customer Service.

  8. I love stuff that is even older than me... I think gasoline was about 60 cents when I started driving in 1963.

  9. I love those old pumps. I've never seen any of them before.


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