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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Four Corners Mural

This is a continuation to my post a few days ago from No Man's Land Oklahoma which you can view here.

Here's my take on this.  Business was so slow in this remote portion of the Oklahoma Panhandle that the owner had nothing else better to do with his time than do the above mural on the side of his cafe.  It turned out to be very rewarding and fun to do so he decided to do another on a much broader scale.  He was really getting into his grand masterpiece when the economy really took a dive and slow came to a stop and so did his mural.  Then one day he locked the door that final time and drove away from his cafe, service station and unfinished mural.
And maybe not.

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  1. I take it there's nothing much else 'around town' anymore. These places just close shop and sit to crumble to ruins over the years...?

  2. A shame he left but some very good murals.

  3. The artist has skills and used them to leave his mark.

  4. He made some pretty good murals, sorry he couldn't finish the other ones.

  5. There's a really good cafe in Ellsinore here in southeast Missouri named The Corner Cafe... this reminded me of that =)

  6. This is a first for this meme--a mural left undone. Your imagined scenario is supported by the evidence. How sad for the owner of this business. Glad you documented this before the weeds take over. Thanks for contributing to Monday Mural.


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