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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Four Corners

No Man's Land, Oklahoma

This is US Highway 64 & 412, Oklahoma Highway 3 at the junction of Oklahoma 95.  This section is nearly 50 miles long, straight as a gun barrel bordered on each side by nothing.  Go east of here, pass through Guyman where the road makes a dip south, it then continues on with its straightness for nearly 80 miles. 
You never have to stop, slow down or turn the steering wheel for an hour and a half. 

Hard to say when they served their last cold one, but I suspect it wasn't too many years ago.

Just another victim of the hard times economy.  Things were just left as they were inside when they locked the doors for the final time.

Not a single car or truck came by all the time I was there taking pictures. 
Quiet as can be, I had it all to myself.

A few other states lay claim to having the longest straightest road in America with North Dakota having one at 123 miles.  But it remains a difficult call for each is not without some slight deviation.

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  1. That is what I like about the american roads. Not so much traffic, sometimes you are all alone. That is unthinkable here.

  2. that could be relaxing or boring, depending on your state of mind. :)

  3. Thats Crazy, i think out longest straight road is about 1/4 mile. Then its either traffic signals, roundabouts or junctions...

  4. Looks like the kind of place I would enjoy exploring. Laughed out loud at the idea of not having to turn the steering wheel for 1.5 hours. Wow!!

  5. That is very cold looking. It's nice to that is was peaceful for you to take photos but also so sad that is was so deserted.

  6. Great photos -Have stopped through four corners linking some other states...and they seem eerily the same ;)

  7. Hard to imagine there's that much land out there w/ nothing... Hard to comprehend a store closing like that w/ everything still left on the shelves, too. Horrible realization to wake up to.

    Great b&w shot =)

  8. Feels a bit weird sometimes in places like that doesn't it? Great series of images... Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #60!

  9. I think I would enjoy this for about a half hour, then would crave a bit of a curve or company. and definitely a hill to climb.

  10. Love the pictures. It seems it would be hard to stay awake driving those long straight roads.


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