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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hole in the Wall Filling Station

 Commerce, Oklahoma

The uniqueness of this oddity supposedly was that this service station was built into the side of a brick wall.  The trail to the site led me into a seedy part of town.  Well the whole town seemed a bit weird, eerily quiet, with nary a person out and about.  I finally found the service station, parked and got out to take a few photos.

No one was around and the store filled with Route 66 orientated items was locked up and looked to have been so for some time.

My first thought was it seemed strange that this place could stand here all this time without being vandalized or things stolen, considering the neighborhood it was in.

Notice the gasoline price.

This one even older and cheaper.  You can see a selfie here.

The owner had a sense of humor.

I was just finishing up when a young man came out from the ice cream shop across the way.  He began talking with me and things got real interesting from then on.


  1. What an interesting place .... pity the owner wasn't there ... you could have had a good look at all that memorabilia .

    "Adelaide and Beyond"

  2. Oh, you left your post with a cliffhanger! What happened next??

  3. teaser, teaser! :) it looks cool, though.

  4. I love little places like this- great post! :) A lot of photo opportunities there, fun!

  5. You continue to amaze me in your ability to make places like Oklahoma look interesting. Do the same for Nebraska and I'll pronounce you a magician!

  6. I love that old building. Great looking ice cream shop!

  7. so did you end up with an ice-cream? Interesting stop-off John...the way the servo' is built into the brick wall like that especially is well, kind of odd, quirky I guess.


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