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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Toys and Games

First off is this which has so many applications today.  We need more honesty in advertising.  Stores like Walmart, Target and K-Mart should have this as part of their corporate logo. 
I want the t-shirt!  Is their one?  Make some up and make a fortune.

The only game/toy I had here was a Tinker Toy set which I never got into.  I didn't build anything you were suppose to with them.  Instead I'd build barricades and smash my electric train through it.  I had an Erector Set too but that was at my grandmother's house, thank goodness for my train.  Again I never built much of anything with it for the sharp corners on the nuts made my fingertips sore from turning them onto the screws.

Here I confess.  I played with paper dolls with the girl down the street.  Once or twice.  That was in my kindergarten years.  I eventually found my gender and moved on. 
My wife is a fan of Little Lulu.

These are reproductions.  I asked for the real thing in conditions like this are $$$$.

I had no idea there were so many themes of Tiddledy Winks.  I had a set (which I do not recall here) and thought it a silly (frustrating) game and never played with it.
Note the variations of the spelling.

Give a kid today a Tiddley Wink game and get a "And just what am I suppose to do with this?"


  1. interesting to see the packaging as it was back then too

  2. If you find the tee shirt let me know, I would love to own one. That is the best advertisement I have ever seen. Eat your heart out Saatchi and Saatchi.

  3. That is a lot nostalgia, not everything is familiar to me.

  4. Ok, I have to admit - I've heard of tiddly winks, but I have no idea how to play it. But wow... there sure are a lot of them.

  5. and just where are the pick-up-stix?!

  6. I recall spending hours trying to build things with Tinkertoys. A ferris wheel was what I usually attempted.

  7. Again. I know none of these games. Really showing my (lack of) age aren't I. Lol

  8. These toys bring back memories. My grandparents had a closet full of toys my uncles played with and whenever we visited them we were allowed to play with the treasures there. It was especially fun when my youngest uncle got down on the floor and played with us. :))

  9. That's a lot of Tiddly Winks.

  10. Very appropriate with Christmas approaching!


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