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Thursday, January 10, 2013


I kept all my receipts for birdseed bought in 2012.  It totaled up to $359.95.  98.6 cents a day to feed the little flying piggies.  Cheap entertainment.

a blend including millet

nyjer thistle

black oil sunflower seed

Hmmm...maybe I'll keep receipts for cat food for 2013.
What do you think Sinbad?
For my little buddy, money is no object so I'll not bother.


  1. It is almost a kind of supermarket for the birds there. They can hop from the one to the other.

  2. oh I'd say money well spent John; good to look after our feathered friends too

  3. I agree - money well spent - I am not sure what we spend, but the little things sure do eat a lot, don't they!

  4. I spend a lot, too, especially on the nijer seed. Yes, they are little PIGGIES!

  5. that's pretty cheap, actually! maybe i should do that for 2013. scary! horse feed and dog food are terrible enough...

  6. I spend more on birdseed than I care to admit. btw, I have the same feeder as in your last photo.

  7. Hi John...Hmmm I'm not sure I should do that, I might be shocked, but like you say cheap entertainment just the same!!
    My cat ..well that's another story ..she is spoiled to!!

  8. The birds have a little slice of heaven at your house, and all they have to do is allow you to take a few photographs. Nice trade.

  9. Lucky birds! I'm not sure I want to know how much my husband and I spend on bird feed. It truly is cheap entertainment, I agree.

  10. I don't think I want to know how much I spend on bird seed in a year because it seems like I am always buying it. But, I love watching the little critters and have learned a lot about them since putting the feeders up.


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