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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Butterscotch Mushroom

Came across this yellow mushroom on my hike yesterday.  No, that is not the official name for it, its a name I gave it.  I like butterscotch ice cream and this is what it looked like to me. Mmmmm....

Having only my little point & click with me, it was called into action for these captures.

A few feet further along the trail was another of these tempting delights.

Since I got back onto the blog in 2013 I've been forced into using Google Chrome to upload pictures on Blogger.  With the old way, when I click on the insert image button, there is no browse images button on the composing page.  There is for HTML.  Anyone else have that issue?
I swear, its all a big conspiracy to get me to switch over to Google Chrome for everything.


  1. Interesting mushroom - definitely does look like butterscotch! I have not had any issues with Chrome, but I did update to Windows 8 and I absolutely HATE the way your photos show up...so I use the desktop feature to sort through my photos.

  2. lovely images John, a stand-out mushroom with that colouring. Yes likewise Blogger issues with no browsing via computer offered, happened about a week ago I think. I didn't switch to Google Chrome. I just put my photos onto an online gallery i.e. photobucket or similar and use the url addy to link. A bit painful, double-dipping but it works. I wondered if it was just a momentary hiccup and Blogger would revert to the old way again?

  3. It looks very tasty indeed, beautiful pictures. I have the same problem with uploading and am forced to use Google Chrome too! I had this also some time ago and my husband had installed Google Chrome for me which worked well. After a while I could use Google again and I didn't use the Chrome anymore. But now I am forced to it indeed. I think it is a conspiracy for sure!Grrrr.

  4. mmm I love butterscotch, and I love mushrooms.

    You're the third person I know this week who has been having issues with blogger so obviously something is going on. One person is considering a switch to WordPress.

  5. yup, lots of folks reporting that problem. i use google chrome and have for a year. no issues.

  6. Blogger is working fine for me. Have you ever tried "Live Writer". You can download it for free.

  7. HI John...I use Google Chrome no problems, but there have been quite a few complaints,,one loading from iPad to blogger!!
    Love your mushroom shot's and they do look yummy enough to eat!!

  8. What a wonderfully colored mushroom. Your photos are amazing.

    Another friend of mine was having the same problem.

    I use Firefox instead of Chrome. I was VERY unhappy when Google pretty much made it mandatory to use Google Chrome on blogger. I haven't had any problems since I installed and do my uploading with Mozilla Firefox.

  9. I guess I gave into Big Brother a while ago without realizing it... been using Chrome from quite a while, no issues, but I think Google knows way too much about me!

  10. These mushroom are well named. I must be highly suggestible, because these look like they'd be sweet tasting. If you dared to try them.

    I continue to use Firefox and have had no difficulty uploading photos. Good thing because all the Google stuff is confusing to me. FI, what are circles? And how are they different from followers? Google+--no thanks.

  11. What a neat looking mushroom, great eye capturing it.


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