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Friday, January 11, 2013

Got Excess Time on Your Hands?

Here is a video I made 2 months ago.  I was experimenting with some techniques, trying out different things.  I've been sitting on it all this time, having done nothing with it.  My camera zooms in and out too fast for my liking and I have no way to control it.  In the future I'll not use the zoom feature.  So if you have some time to kill (9 1/2 minutes worth) come along for a short hike at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park which is just down the road from me about 5 miles.



  1. ...really enjoyed the walk; the mossy boulders are very picturesque and the sound of the water running is peaceful. Plenty of trees too but no birds?

  2. i watched half. the water sounds and scenes are beautiful. i admit to almost bailing early at the walking part. makes me nauseous to watch a video while someone is moving while filming. :)

  3. I'm not bothered by the zooming speed at all, and I like when you zoom out after a close-up. I also like the way you pan over some subjects, almost like stroking a cat.

  4. I love the moss-covered rocks.

    Your camera takes great video, and you have such a steady hand. I think the zooming is fine too.

    I never think about using video because I've never really been into it. I should probably try it.

  5. The parts O liked the best were the water scenes with the flowing water and the parts where the camera explores the mosses on the logs. You seemed to go down the path very quickly, much faster than I would have likely moved if I had been there. You live in a lovely area!

  6. Hey, that was great! Very similar to Marin. Still need to get to Annadale SP and of course, this place.


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