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Monday, January 14, 2013

Indian Pottery Shards

These fragments of broken pottery are from the Hopi Indian Homol'ovi settlement in what is now Arizona.  Archaeologists date their settlement from 1290 to 1400 A.D.   They feel there were 4 to 5 villages with the largest having upwards to 1200 rooms.  Today where the villages once stood looks no more than this.

One should never remove artifacts from any historical area.  Here people have found pieces of pottery and left them on rocks along the trail so as to make it easier for others to see without having to hunt for them.  The  rocks, someone must have thought were "stone tools".

You can see some pots had a texture to them while others were smooth with a painted design.
I bet the texture aided in holding the pot without it slipping from your hands.

Looks like a bird track on this piece.

I wonder if the Indians had curse words that were muttered when they dropped a bowl and broke it.


  1. Finding these things is remarkable - I found an arrow head as a kid at bronze age hill fort - even as a 10 year old I knew it was special.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS; new lens is a 200-400 mm zoom

  2. interesting to see the shards John; like finding special shells on the sands. They are very significant to the area of course.

  3. really neat that the 'finds' were left for all to enjoy. i like the bird track on that one in the last photo. :)

  4. It is cool that the pieces are left out on the rocks for everyone to see and that people don't take them.


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