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Saturday, January 19, 2013


Lemmon, South Dakota

N.O.S. generally applies parts to something from long ago that you are restoring such as a car for example and means New Old Stock.  Like an original headlamp for a car, new and unused, still in the same box from the manufacturer and had been sitting on a shelf in a warehouse for several decades.  Well in the case of this post N.O.S. means Neat Old Stuff.  At the museum in the little town of Lemmon South Dakota, I was the only one there and the caretaker turned me loose in their back room.  There were was just so much to see, it was overwhelming. Here are a few of the larger items, some that may stir memories among the older viewers of this blog.  Enjoy.


  1. You were right, I do like this post! And you, like a few others lately, have reminded me of my past visits to my grandparents in Newfoundland. They had the big cast iron cookstove (pic at http://nomadicnewfies.blogspot.com/2012/08/discovering-wade-house-greenbush.html), and the washer like the white one with a separate tub for the wringer. I still remember watching my aunt who was 4 years older than me feeding the clothes through the ringer and that thing banging and bumping around on the floor! All the dishes were washed by hand, of course, and believe it or not they didn't even get a bathtub until they built a new house behind the old one...in 1982!! All the luxuries now though in the new house...the wood stove is the only thing I miss, but they probably don't miss it as that was their heat supply as well. Thank God I've never witnessed anyone using that contraption for their hair!

  2. I have a vague memory of the wood stove at my grandparents' farm. I t6hink it looked like that first one you show...

  3. NEAT is right..but some of it looks very scary. Not the stove, though, It brought back wonderful memories of my grandmother's kitchen. That contraption in the next to last photo - not the one that looks like a huge helmet, which I know is a hair dryer - but the one to the right of it. Is it an even older-style hair dryer? EEK!!

  4. Oh, wow, I would have went snap happy here. My mom cooked on a wood stove till I was in 3rd or 4th grade...but it was not quite as old as these here.

    And we had a wringer washer that looked very much like the one in the 3rd picture!


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