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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rt. 4 Box 39

Upper northwest corner of the Texas panhandle.  No towns for miles in any direction.

After hours of driving with nothing but dry Texas flatness for scenery,  I pulled over to a stop if for no more reason than to stretch my legs.  Besides a gentle wind, it was peaceful and quiet outside.  Only the sound of gravel crunching beneath my feet as I walked about.  Other than the string of telephone poles along the road, this was the only man-made object within sight.  I had seen no other cars for I don't know how long, and none passed by while I wandered about.  It is brief moments like this that are etched forever in my mind.  I thought of the rural carrier that made the daily trip to this mailbox.  Beats an office job any day.  I long to be on the road again.  Soon.


  1. That is so typical american those mailboxes. I had always seen it in the Donald Duck strip albums and was so excited when I saw a real one for the first time.

  2. Perhaps because your words speak of aloneness, this photo works well for me in monochrome.

  3. a great image made better by your appreciation of the few moments spent there.

  4. you picked a good spot to stretch your legs- the photo came out great, I like it! Is it a cottonwood tree? It looks like a big one!

  5. It is one of those photos that could have been taken yesterday or 30 years ago...


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