The test of an adventure is that when you are in the middle of it, you say to yourself, "Oh, now I've got myself into an awful mess; I wish I were sitting quietly at home." And the sign that something is wrong with you is when you sit quietly at home wishing you were out having lots of adventure. -Thornton Wilder

The nice thing about being confused is you get a chance to notice things a lot better than if you knew where you were going.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Starbuck, Minnesota

I had very few disappointments on our tour of the weird and unusual through the Great Plains States.  
But Starbuck really took the prize.  

It's claim to fame was the World's Largest Lefse.  Naturally I didn't know what a lefse was and had to look it up.  Okay, some big bread-like thing.  I figured they'd have it preserved under glass or something.  At least have a life-sized sculpture of the beast.  Neither.  Just this photograph on the side of their         non-functional train station!

Starbuck was a three-fer for there were two other things listed - a deer statue fountain and a hobo figure in their park.  I saw the deer thing first as I turned off the road into town and thought  No, that can't be it.  Is this someone's idea of a joke?  Think of the deer statues you see in the lawn and garden department of Home Depot, set it up on a few boulders and squirt water over it with your garden hose and you pretty much have the scene.  I didn't even bother to pick up my camera.  And the hobo figure?  I think I caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye as I was weaving my way through a construction zone while leaving town.  It looked more like a circus clown.  And worse still, there wasn't even a Starbucks in town.


  1. oh well, it made for a photo-shoot and a blog post at least. You got something out of it John, if not a coffee.

  2. At least the sky is beautiful there, unlike here in China~

  3. liked your description of the deer fountain. too funny.

  4. You can't win them all John. Made me laugh though.

  5. You can't win them all John. Made me laugh though.

  6. I hope you didn't travel too far out of your way to see this shattering attraction!

  7. Nice shots, even without the coffee.


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