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Thursday, February 28, 2013


 Trying different camera apps and conversions with my new-to-me iPhone that is a hand-me-down from my wife.  Nothing really noteworthy with this post.  Mainly wanting to see how they appear on Blogger.  These are straight out of the iPhone.

iPhone Camera

Awesome Camera app

Vintage B&W app

iPhone Camera photo converted with Vintage B&W app

Awesome Camera app converted with Vintage B&W app

iPhone Camera photo converted with photo program

iPhone Camera photo as above with clarity and sharpening adjustments


  1. and after all that, you're not linking to Friday's Fences with this? :)

    i've never done any camera apps w/ my phone, but i do like the shots it gives.

  2. I really like the vintage b&w shot. I will have to look for that app.

  3. How many permutations are possible? I got confused. But I like all the photos. The black and whites have a nice range of tones.

  4. The tiny bottom of the line gizmos keep on getting better and better.

  5. Always love using my iphone as well! And there are some pretty cool apps to use to edit photos with as well!

  6. I'm addicted to iPhone camera apps.

  7. excellent for a phone would never know it.



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