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Friday, February 22, 2013

Save Me!

Jud, North Dakota

Jud is the little town in nowhere's North Dakota where I was able to get dozens of mural photos.  Every available space in this little town of less than 100 had a mural, even vacant windows on barns and sheds.  The chicken wire is a nice touch.  But this post is about the car.

A 1940 Chevrolet two-door sedan, Master Deluxe I believe.  Top of the line and this one came with added accessories.  This beauty needs to be back on the road, as is.   


  1. sweet old car, but i love the chicken window! :)

  2. Perhaps you could buy it and restore it and you and Sinbad could go cruising.


  3. Cool rusty car, but the chickens are so fun! ;-)

  4. It could be so beautiful. Perfect title.

  5. shame, something once so treasured if left to decompose

  6. At first glance, I thought the chickens were real... I love the mural, though!! The car still looks pretty good - it is far enough south that it has not rusted out from the road salt!!

  7. Love the car! Love the chickens too.

  8. I bet someone would LOVE to put that car back on the road.

  9. Hi John..I love this post ...I think my Granddad had this make of this car, even my Grandmother could drive it..when she came to a sharp corner she couldn't see around she would lay on the horn if anybody in a car except for a horse and wagon could hear it!! : ) haha!!


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