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The nice thing about being confused is you get a chance to notice things a lot better than if you knew where you were going.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Timing is Important

My previous post was intended for this morning but while working on it, previewing it and editing it, I accidentally clicked on the "publish" button and there it was out there in the blogsphere.  By then it is too late.  Sure you can delete them but it is still there in the "blogs I follow" lists of all your followers.  They click on it only to find there's nothing there and wonder what the idiot is up to.  Thanks to a tip from TexWisGirl, the smart woman that she is, this will never happen to me again.  
Then there is the post before that one, about typewriters, aliens and landfills.  Well that was suppose to show up in the wee hours of yesterday morning before everyone had got up out of bed for their morning cup of coffee.  Well, when I here on the west coast got up for my coffee, no one had seen it or commented.  I had forgot to set the scheduled posting time.  Grrrrr... So both posts received very few views which is what the title of this post is all about.  
Enjoy your weekend everyone.



  1. never mind John; we all have blogging hiccups at times. I can never get the automated scheduling to happen, even though yes I do press 'save' Not sure why it doesn't send my post at the pre-destined time I might set. I've given up on that one.

  2. I don't quite understand, but we have a complete different time here then in the US. I watch the blogs of others when I have time and sometimes I don't. Sometimes a blogger doesn't have time to post, which I don't mind, I watch it another time.

  3. I don't use automated scheduling but I will have to investigate it. Maybe I can figure it out. I like posts about blogging when bloggers share information.

  4. Interesting image...
    I have hit the wrong button on occassion, too, but i don't have an ongoing narrative, the way you do!

  5. I too have clicked publish when I wanted to click save as a draft. I didn't realize that the deleted post remains in the list of posts though, so thanks for that tip, but what to do? It's impossible to avoid these mistakes, no matter. I wouldn't think you an idiot. I really like these yellow and orange beads, it's a wonderful POV. Happy weekend to you and orange furball.

  6. smart woman that i am. ha ha ha. :)

    love the shot of the old toy. remember those from my babysitting days...

  7. I'm so blogging naive that I don't really know anything about automated posting. I love this picture though.

  8. we all have 'brain farts' as I call them. just human. I do stuff like that all the time. :-)

  9. We've all done it at least once I'm sure. Nice close up.


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