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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cadillac Ranch part 2

Amarillo, Texas

You may recall my post from the road after seeing the "famous" Cadillac Ranch and the disappointment of it all for me (you can see that post here).  Well the fact that it was freezing-ass cold didn't help my disposition at the time any.

 We stayed at the nearby Oasis RV Park where plugged into the electricity I ran the tar out of my heater.  Nice and toasty warm the next morning I fully appreciated the park's take upon the theme.

Well done!


  1. This looks so funny and so simple. Just put a bus up sight down and there is a piece of art. Makes me laugh.

  2. Never thought to see an icicle on your trip, yourself included I think. I hope the camper in the ground is not an omen for your one unless it is going to grow and get all kind of little ones those become great themselves.

  3. You had to go and post those icicle pictures.... Brrrrrr.

    We have had such a slow Spring and they were just bone-chilling.

    Funny how those Cadillacs have changed over the years. I remember when there were just half as many with no fancy paint!

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  4. I am liking the trailer tanked up :)

  5. It must take a terrific amount of work to stick an RV safely into the ground. Deep, angled hole, concrete to hold it. Crazy!

    Jo in MN

  6. Amazing to see John... nothing like it close to me.

  7. Love #2 pic John. It's great.


  8. Well, they think it's art and that's all that matters.


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