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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sadly, The Sign of These Times

Willington, South Carolina

This was it.  
Up that side street were a few homes and trailers, but that was all that was left of Willington.

This was a common sight in most of all the small towns we passed through.  
If the town was too small for a McDonalds, Walgreen or Dollar General it still was not safe from businesses closing their doors for good.
It seemed like the last business left standing would be a small grocery store (only if the town was remote enough from any larger town) and hair salons.  Ladies always have to have their hair done.


  1. That is sad to see al the places left by the people.

  2. It is very sad that we are losing small town America.


  3. Sad that the little towns have disappeared. My home village is completely gone.

  4. That's too bad. It's such a great looking building.


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