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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Missoura Kid


This was a just by chance find as I turned off of Hwy 96 onto Missouri V (yeah they name some of their roads by letters alone) east of Carthage Missouri.  It is old combine or some type of farm implement configured into an bi-plane.  The motor looks to be a regular automobile six cylinder.  Notice the hurricane lamps hanging from the wing tips.  The figure of the young pilot is so well done.  You can almost imagine this really flying.  The Missoura Kid is what was written on the tail end.

Up the road a bit was this piece just as amusing.  

I like how the artist just stuck chicken heads alone sticking out the back, the old milk can and the words written on the rear tire “back tire”. 

 I’ve been in a "No Service" area so that’s why no blog posting.  Right now we are in Kansas.  I like Kansas.  It’s flat.  Today, another motorcycle museum.  Sorry ladies.
We're in a cold system that blew down from Canada I guess.  Snow flurries this morning.  Yuck!


  1. Since you're in Kansas better the cold than the hot so you don't have tornadoes.

    Bi-plane is cool. Looks maybe like an old manure spreader too.


  2. that plane is something else! i like the chicken heads, too. :)

  3. glad you posted. i was a bit concerned because you were posting pretty regularly til now. i'm enamored with that Red Oak sculpture. it's a darlin' of a creation. driving through kansas are you seeing a load of cattle yards? that's about all i saw when i drove through there on my way to n.m. we got the cold front too, with 8-10 inches of snow in northern wi. you know me - this is my kind of weather! love love love those canadian cold fronts. sorry you have to experience it though. but i am happy that you have flat terrain for awhile. be safe.

  4. The body of the airplane is an old manure spreader. That guy had some imagination and sense of humor.

  5. Roadside art like this is always a kick. It's like a wink and a wave from the artist.


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