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Monday, June 17, 2013

A Sidewalk Treasure

Hardy, Arkansas

Hardy is a small little town, around 800 population, in the Ozark hills of northern Arkansas.  Whereas I've shown quite a few little towns in the South that have all but died away, barely existing, Hardy for some reason was doing quite well.  It even registered on my Tourist Trap Meter but with a low reading so I took a chance and stopped mainly just to stretch my legs with a short walk along their Main Street.

There was this nice sidewalk display, using a bicycle which is much too collectible to be sitting out in the weather like this.  It might be set up each day rather than permanently embedded in the ground (cemented in?) so as to not wander off during the night.

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  1. That's a great idea. Yes I hope its permanently fastened.


  2. really quaint. i know some folks use them in their gardens, but in town, i'd surely expect that to be raided.

  3. That is a cute display. Maybe the bike is chained somehow. Hope so, or it really might disappear.

  4. Hi John....Now not everybody would think that way, remember your the one who brought it up that it might wonder of in the
    night!! ; )HEE-HEE!!

    It is a lovely quaint garden setting, and those tires cold be flat only on one side : )!!
    They do that around these parts to !!
    Keep bringing on the odd things!!

  5. certainly worth photographing; you never know what you will find when you get out for 'that little walk'

  6. The bike and basket look very attractive here. I do hope no one takes it!

  7. These garden bikes are popping up everywhere.

  8. That bicycle looks like my first bicycle. It had a removable piece that you could remove to make it a girls bike. I am sure that's the same model bike.

  9. That's a clever use for the old bike- probably not worried about anyone taking it in the small town.

  10. Looks like a great town. We enjoyed a trip to Arkansas a few years ago - would love to return.

  11. Lovely display, I like the flower basket on the bike :)


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