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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Trailer Trash

Between the towns of Bruce and Coffeeville, Mississippi on State Road 330

The overall setting

and a close-up.  
Notice the raised portion of the roof towards the front.  I imagine this style of trailer was designed as a park it and leave it type of trailer rather than one you would drag around on a vacation.  
But my, to see the size of some of the trailers and 5th wheels on the road today, they are almost as big as this old gal.


  1. glad you found some trailer fodder!

  2. I understood that a lot of people in the us are living permanent in these type of trailers.

  3. Did you go in any further, maybe peeping in the windows ?


  4. Some people must take most of their possessions wherever they go!

  5. Something like this would not last in the woods around here. The metal scavangers would be all over this and taking it to a recycle center as soon as the owners walked away.

  6. I would not like to look inside.

  7. amazing; the length of it ... some holiday in its day! Obviously the scrap-metal yard is too far away to salvage this and pick up some $$$'s


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