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Monday, July 22, 2013

In the Alleyway

Lynchburg, Tennessee

If only more houses backed up to an alley could be this interesting.


  1. It looks very green and ecologic to me. Somebody with green fingers I presume. Thanks for showing Sai.

  2. This person must love gardening I think.

  3. wow! looks a bit like a garden exploded!

  4. I can't describe it, but I like it!

  5. The people who lives there love their place for sure! And they also make other people feel good with those lovely plants. The bird's
    house is a plus! :)

    Thank you for you lovely comment, I wasn't very well, lost my father some months ago, seriously hurt my shoulder on the same week, was also busy beyond many other things. Now I'm well and hope you, Sinbad and your wife are too.

  6. I hope they get lots of rain here, otherwise filling the watering can must be an all-day job.

  7. makes you wonder what the inside looks like doesn't it?....

  8. HI John...Well this is quite the menagerie!! Looks like bit's an pieces picked up from the dump or roadside pick up : ) with greenery tucked in between!!


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