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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Signs

Marquette, Kansas

More interesting is the building the sign was painted on.  You'll notice newer brick in the upper right half of the building and how the white line brick stops all of a sudden.  One cannot help but to wonder as to what calamity took place here.  Being Kansas...a mini tornado?  A big one would have obliterated the building.


  1. That is a huge sign for a mark on a building. You can't miss it when you are looking for it.

  2. But the disaster stopped at the floor of upper right half. Interesting riddle.

  3. Maybe that part was in such bad shape they just replaced the brick. pretty building.


  4. Great building side!

  5. no doubt it could have happened at any time but I read 1896 caused a lot of destruction; nature's wrath sure packs a punch


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